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My 30 second bio

I spent the last 16+ years in the corporate world working at agencies, big pharma and a consumer package goods company. I was lucky enough to work on some of the largest brands in the world and had the privilege of travelling all over the country.

But when COVID hit, like many people, I reevaluated how I spent my waking hours and  what impact I really wanted to make in my life. I overwhelmingly felt the need to giveback. I ended up quitting my job so I could focus on helping: helping creators and entrepreneurs get their messages and product to the people who really need them.

It's not all about marketing

My purpose for this blog is to give you the "Mental Weapons" you need to succeed.

As much as I love marketing, I spend a lot of time on personal development, creating personal knowledge management systems and learning how to learn (a real nerd, I know).  

People tell me my superpower is knowing where to go to solve certain problems and which tools can help get there.  

I have an amazing wife and a crazy one-year-old beagle who makes sure I don't just sit at my computer all day. She's actually tugging at my leg right now.  (Errrr, my dog, not my wife.)

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