The real secret behind big ideas

You want your messaging and marketing become consistent with everything you do.

I am an introvert. Long periods of interaction wipe me out.

When I go to conferences or large social events, I typically need some time to recharge my batteries afterward.

But there really is no substitute for being in person for collaboration.


Since Sunday, I have been in Boise, ID (I live in Atlanta) for a planning session with my new team at Almost Passive Income.


Every day we sat in an office or our team's AirBnB from 9-6:30, putting all the pieces in place for 2022 and what came out of it is just not possible on Zoom.


What we did in the past five days was truly remarkable. Not only do we have a game plan for the rest of the year, but we also have some stuff in the works that truly has never been done before in the marketing industry.


What I realized was that the real secret of big ideas comes from in-person collaboration.


Planning for Consistency

​I wanted to give you a quick behind the scenes of how I organized the planning session for maximum effect.


I am a visual person, so I need ways to lay out all the information so I can start to figure out what goes where.


The basic structure goes: Goal > Goal Outcome > Project > Task

The Goal should be the big promise or mission statement that your company says that it will provide. In API's case, it is "Help people make more money while having more fun."

Under the Goal you want to place your Outcomes, you hope to achieve under your primary Goal. Numbers and dates are helpful in making sure what you do is actionable.

So let's pretend these are:

  1. Grow subscriber list to 30k
  2. Build an annual mastermind with over 100 members
  3. Release three new products in 2022

Now, following the path of Grow subscribers to 30k as an example, you will then want to list the projects that will help you achieve that.

These could be several things but for the purpose of this:

  • Launch New Podcast
  • Create Coaching Giveaway Promotion
  • Create a new lead magnet


Now that we have the projects for those goal outcomes, we will want to layout our tasks for each of those projects.

​Using this process, you ensure that you are always working towards your Big Promise that you communicate to your potential customers.

Your messaging and marketing become consistent with everything you do.

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